Products and services

BA Group provides professional services for software, integration and information systems development including process and methodology consulting from small scale projects to large scale high performance systems.

Project Lead

Our specialists have years of experience leading projects successfully with different process models. We have experience from leading projects succesfully with traditional waterfall process models, iterative models to modern agile and lean processes, such as Scrum and Kanban. We are also proficient in methodologies such as Test Driven Development.

Software Development

Our services cover all stages and tasks in software development projects.

Specifications and Design

Requirement specifications need to cover all functional and non-functional aspects of the system. By analyzing ┬áthe customer’s business needs we can specify requirements for the system that will provide the customer the benefits and value the customer is looking for. We ensure that all the requirements are understood by both the developers and the customer and are testable.

We also help the customer in choosing the right technology and architecture that will satisfy all the non-functional requirements and will be scalable for the predictable future needs. Our expertise covers also SOA (Service Oriented Architecture), EDA (Event Driven Architecture) with experience in large scale environments. In addition to traditional technologies such as relational databases such as Oracle, MySQL and PostgreSQL, we are also using leading edge technologies like NoSQL databases where they serve the purpose the best.


BA Group provides the needed development resources. Our experience in programming languages covers for example Java, Scala, PHP, C++, PL/SQL and more. With our extensive partner network we can provide developers also for languages and technologies that might not be in our own repertoire and act as the one stop development provider for the customer freeing the customer from coordinating development with multiple vendors.


Planned testing of systems ensures that the produced software conforms with the requirements. This includes unit testing, integration testing, functional testing, testing of non-functional requirements, including load testing and performance testing.

Testing can be done by humans following test plans and recording results. Especially with systems that change often, automated testing is recommended to ensure changes don’t have unintended effects on the system functionality.

In addition to the functional testing we provide load testing and performance testing that ensures that the customer’s system functions also with high numbers of users and transactions. Performance testing is done by certified professionals using DynaTrace from our partner Compuware.


We have years of experience in developing high performance application to application and business to business integrations in complex enterprise environments. In addition to experience in synchronizing data between applications we have experience in event based integrations between business processes.

Our long experience with Spring integration and partnership with Fiorano gives us the right tools for all integration requirements.